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Computer Log #17 for March`11, 2010

Today I want to talk about a technology that has been around since Marconi and his wireless, and that is “Ham Radio”. I have been feeling the itch to get back in the hobby for the last several years. I am an Amateur Extra Class holder and my call is N2JYG. There is no one else in the world that has that call sign. My privileges include every Ham Band and on some of these bands I can run 1500 watts. When I was active my favorite band was 2 meters for the local repeaters and 160 meters. I may dig my old 2 meter rig out and give it a swing.

I use to run a Digi-peater located in Sherman and tied in a number of Computer Bulletin Boards located in Fredonia, Ontario Canada, Erie Pa and Jamestown. This type of communications was the first use of a TCP/IP protocol. Does it sound familiar, well it should, we use it every day to log on to the Internet. It was used to connect many different computers. I used a 8088 computer with PC-DOS 3.3 and that was a long time ago and according to Wikipedia PC-DOS 3.1 was introduced in 1985. You can see the time-line at and as usual I will have an active link for this and other sites at

Ham Radio operators have been at the forefront of technology since Thomas A Edison and Hiram Percy Maxim the founder of the ARRL and who’s call W1AW is now the station call at the ARRL. Other Ham Radio Operators over the years were some of the most famous people you ever heard of. The late Senator Barry Goldwater K7UGA of Arizona and the new Cyber Security Czar Howard A. Schmidt, W7HAS.

You will also see many web sites dedicated to Ham Radio including the ARRL or American Radio Relay League at You will also see a number of other websites that use the owners Ham Radio Call. Just use Google and search for “Ham Radio Sites”. I have personally reserved my call as a domain even tho I do not really use it but it is parked at my personal site. Just try and

As a Ham Radio Operator, I want to bring up an issue that has been showing it's ugly head lately and that is RFI or radio interference. If you listen to AM radio in your car or at home, you may have noticed the noise level on your radio is getting worse to the point that you think it is your radio going bad. Well here is the problem, all these plug in chargers that are used for iPods, iPhones and other electronic devices around the house are not following the Part 15 Rules of the FCC rules and Regulations of keeping RF noise down on these devices. I have two of these bad wall chargers that even caused problems with my upstairs TV. All sorts of lines and audio noise came in on Channel 3 (the output of my Satellite TV receiver). You can do your part in both saving power and helping reduce RFI for yourself and your neighbors. Remember if a Football or Hockey Game is blacked out you can usually listen via AM radio, but if the noise is so high that you cannot hear the game you will have a good reason to do this.

Franklin S Werren is a computer technician and runs Chautauqua Lake Hosting and Franks Radio in Sherman NY. And can be found on the web at and via e-mail at or and yes I do play the Bagpipes.

Disclaimer: “Franklin S Werren” or the “Chautauqua Star” have not received any money or promotional items in anything talked about in this column.

Additional Sites aimed at "Ham Radio"

These Listings are for "Ham Radio" Gear*

  • Just because the website is listed here does not mean I approve the site. I have used several different brands of gear over the years including building some of my gear for use on Ham Radio Bands. Also most Ham Radio Suppliers will not sell Transmitters to someone who does not have a "Ham" license.
  • And for those interested in becoming a Amateur Radio Operator or "Ham", there is no longer a Morse Code requirement in any class of operator. The ARRL does have a code proficiency exam you can take. The code requirement was dropped in 2007
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