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Computer Log #19 for March 25, 2010

Well today I will discuss the tale of my laptop. I finally got my issues with the laptop insurance policy I purchased from Sam's Club resolved. When I originally got my laptop back in September 19th of 2006, from Sam's Club and got the extended 5 year warranty for my Avertec 7000 series laptop. It was the best they had at the time at a cost of $918.71 + 102.89 for the extended warranty charges.

This laptop had failed me several times when the hardware in the computer went bad over the last several years, including DVD drive, motherboard at least two times and the original hard drive going bad (I had already backed up my data!) This was a lemon from day one. The last time it went bad on December 30, 2009 with the USB and keyboard and touch pad mouse becoming non-responsive to any commands. My call went in and on January 4th, 2010 a box was shipped to me to return the computer. I received the box in due course and on Jan 14th, 2010 they received the computer. As before I figured I would receive the computer back in 2 weeks.

Boy was I wrong. After numerous calls to the service vendor and the warranty company, I got a computer back on March 15th and it was not what I suspected, it was a brand new HP laptop, Dual Core CPU with 4 gigs of ram and a 500 gig hard drive. WOW!!! I was like a kid in a candy shop.

After starting this computer up and making DVD copies of the original Windows 7 Operating System, I installed Ubuntu 9.10 in about one hour and copied my data from my drive I used in the loaner laptop in 3 hours. As a note to Windows users, that same job may have taken six to eight hours or more with Windows. For me it was the ease of transfer and settings use, not to use Windows 7. I will use windows 7 in a virtual partition, so I can report on Windows 7 usage and issues in later “Computer Log” reports.

The only issues with the new computer and Ubuntu, to me is not major for now, but no sound and no camera could cause some to think twice about this choice of an Operating System. But since this computer came with Windows 7 Home Premium preloaded and it is a new model, HP did not have any Linux drivers, and so far no one in the Linux community had made any drivers, but I expect to see some for the audio and camera shortly.

This HP Computer Pavilion dv7-3165dx Entertainment Notebook is loaded with a Blue Ray Player/ DVD-CD Burner, 3 USB jacks, 1 SATA jack for an external hard drive, HDMI port, remote, webcam , memory card port and more. This laptop worked great using Windows 7 and there are drivers for this laptop if you use Windows XP. A road warrior would find this laptop a nice upgrade. You can do an online upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate with just the purchase of a new user serial number from Microsoft. Cost will vary for this computer but I did see them for sale at Sam's Club in Jamestown.

Franklin S Werren is a computer technician and runs Chautauqua Lake Hosting and Franks Radio in Sherman NY. And can be found on the web at and via e-mail at or and yes I do play the Bagpipes.

Disclaimer: “Franklin S Werren” or the “Chautauqua Star” have not received any money or promotional items in anything talked about in this column.

March 29, 2010 Update: I got the Camera and Onboard Sound out working just fine as well as the DVD Player to work under Ubuntu. The only problem is audio in, so far no fix.

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