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Computer Log # 25 for May 27, 2010

Today I will talk about the security concerns I have with Facebook. Facebook has been changing their user agreements or UA's and has been resetting the security settings you have set on Facebook.

As you are aware many of the mainline TV networks and online pundits have been talking about this and one of my favorite online pundits is Leo Laporte of . He did it while doing his TWIG (This Week In Google) show, and you can use this page to . It will be completely deleted in 15 days, no ifs ands or buts. Do not log in again during the next 15 days, otherwise you will reactivate your Facebook account. And remember to clean out your cookies on your computer so you do not accidentally log in.

My big concerns pertain to the Teen Age crown and PreTeens who use Facebook. With the Facebook UA changes and sending your information to third parties who may or may not keep it secure. It may lead to theft of information including birthdays and addresses which could lead to identity theft. This problem may not show up for years until all of a sudden some former pre-teen tries to set an account for the first time and is denied because of bad credit or bad online habits a few years from now. I will not use Facebook and any accounts I have will be deleted. The decision was not that hard because every publication that I get or read including Time and CNN has been coming down hard on Facebook.

I have not heard anything bad on as a social network but if you use them, just be careful. I will say, maybe in the future, some provider will have a “Social Network” who will not give away the store pertaining to who or what your habits are like names, addresses and other info you may post during sign up.

Facebook could sell add space without giving away the store to third parties but they don't. I think this problem will also show it's ugly head in other areas of the Internet, as more and more “Free” services show up, and these companies like Facebook tries to monetize its worth to get added dollars for it's page views.

Franklin S Werren is a computer technician and runs Chautauqua Lake Hosting and Franks Radio in Sherman NY. And can be found on the web at and via e-mail at or follow us on Twitter at

Disclaimer: Neither “Franklin S. Werren” or the “Chautauqua Star” have received any money or promotional items in anything talked about in this column.

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