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Computer Log 29

Well the new iPhone 4 is out and so is the new Operating System for the iPhones and iPod Touch's. Apple now calls its OS, IOS 4. Now if you are a bit of a Geek and IOS sounds familiar. Well it should be, it is the name of the OS Cisco uses and it is copyrighted by Cisco, and Apple had to buy the rights to the name. Cisco makes routers and other infrastructure items for the Internet and they purchased Linksys, a home networking company, a few years back.

Now to the new stuff you will find on the new IOS 4 in your iPhone, and the biggest is the look of the task bar at the bottom of the screen, and the ability to make a sort of folder to hold your program icons. I now have a utilities folder instead of twelve icons scattered around my iPhone. This makes things a lot easier to find what I am looking for, and more applications visible.

Other areas of interest is the upgrade. On both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, it took hours to do, because it did a complete backup and restore, and I had to dig up a simm card for the iPhone to complete the upgrade. You have to remember, I do not subscribe to AT&T for cell service. The simm does not need to be active, but it does need to be the newer type simm. I disagree with having a simm card in the iPhone, it should not be needed to do an OS update.

Over all on the IOS4 as the new operating system seems to be a bit better than the last OS for the iPhones and iPod Touch. It seems to load applications faster and on my iPhone it seems to log on to my wireless network in the shop. I have not figured out all the new stuff that is available on the iPhone but to me it seems to be a winner as far as I can tell. And for those interested the IOS4 loaded iPhones and iPods and iPads has been jail broken. It did not take long for someone to figure out how to hack this new OS.

Now on to the phone it's self. I did get my hands on one and took a look at it and it does have a faster CPU and more ram memory of 512 mb in it, so it will run faster. Both my iPhone and iPod Touch has 128 mb of ram. The other addition to the iPhone 4 are the dual cameras The one is a full 5 mega-pixel and does a real decent job. The other camera faces toward the user and can be used for video tel-conference via wi-fi only for now.

The physical shape is somewhat the same. The edges are flat instead of a curve like the older iPhones. Issues have popped up with the antenna because the metal band around the edge of the iPhone is the antenna. But the easy fix is to use some sort of cover on the new iPhone. Just remember it takes the new mini simm instead of the older simm used in the older iPhones, unless you cut the older simm down. This is the same simm as used in the new iPad3G that Apple.

The rumor mill has been going wild with the possibility it may have the ability to be used on Verizon and Sprint, but there is no proof of that feature right now. I will cover that possibility at a later time if it is true. I will say that it was announced over the major TV networks that Verizon will have an iPhone in January so those waiting for a Verizon iPhone, including me, the wait is just about over.

Franklin S Werren is a Computer technician and runs Chautauqua Lake Hosting and Franks Radio in Sherman ` NY. And can be found on the web at , and , also via e-mail at

Disclaimer: Neither “Franklin S. Werren” or the “Chautauqua Star” have received any money or promotional items in anything talked about in this column.

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