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Computerlog #31 January 12, 2016

This Computerlog will be on the Chautauqua County Public Safety frequencies used or will be used by the Chautauqua County Sheriff Dept. and the County Fire Dispatch. As you are aware the County is in a big transition in what frequencies are used and what type of modulation that is to be used. as I stated below, All frequencies have licenses according to the Public records at the FCC website and not from private sources and I will not be editing them to satisfied any gripes about what to and not to publish.

Note: This document is always changing. All frequencies have licenses according to the Public records at the FCC website, and I have downloaded most of the licenses for the county and local police, fire and other agencies.

I have not verified operation and what mode they are using. Unless otherwise noted all frequencies above 150MHz are or should be narrow band at 12.5 Khz. This on older scanners may show as weak FM audio. Chautauqua County has been getting a waver from the FCC on its 150 MHz and UHF systems so they can delay the expense of building a new radio system. There have been some trials of a new system but it was removed when the manufacture could not get the system to operate in our county due to terrain issues.

Most new systems will use digital and unless you have a scanner without a built in decoder, you will only hear static, garble sounds or nothing at all. Remember digital comes in a number of standards and APCO P25 standard seems to be the standard that most will use, and scanners are available for digital mode, a bit on the pricey side for now, and if the system is in encryption mode, you will not be able to hear it at all no matter what you do. If you are listing to a digital frequency, just like a cell phone, the quality will be great until you loose the signal, in otherwords you will not be able to tell when you get in a weak area of coverage until you loose communications, no if’s and’s or but’s on telling a weak area until you loose communications. You may get the duck talking bit just before it drops out just like todays digital cell phones.

There has been work to use both standard scanners and software define radios to decode APCO P25 without buying a new digital scanner. I did a Google search and came up with this link.

I have taken some assumptions on the UHF frequencies to using the standard 5 MHz splits form repeaters, but not on the VHF or low band. The 800 MHz frequencies may have been licensed as the new CCSD that failed its test and was removed from service.

The VHF frequencies listed as trunked are the new Fire Frequencies that is being built in the county and is digital according to sources in the Fire Services. The existing frequencies used by the CCSD will be phased out and some converted to the Fire Services. The Frequency 156.21 will be used according to my sources as the new Fire paging channel. The only frequency that will be encrypted will be the Haz-Mat channel at the behest of the feds.

I suspect that the UHF pairs listed as conventional is for the new police radio system. I do not know if they will be digital or not but I have seen some new UHF antennas on towers across the county being installed. The towers I have seen some construction on or new licenses are located in Hartfield, Sherman, French Creek, Westfield, Arkwright, Oak Hill, and Lakewood. I have also seen some UHF stuff go up then removed over in Hartfield at a 300 ft tower across from a Ham tower I am working on. I have no idea what this was or even if it was a county system. The low-band 30-50 Mhz is being phased out due to lack of replacement equipment availability.

According to license info from the FCC, the county appears to have access to the following cell towers belonging to Verizon that was put in place when it was Frontier Cellular. Armenian Rd Sherman, Hardscrabble Rd Westfield, Harrington Hill Rd Mina, Orchard Rd Lakewood, and a questionable one in the Towerville area, Gerry NY. The county, according to my sources, is lacking a tower site I suspect in the Cherry Creek-Ellington area knowing the topography of Chautauqua County.

The new microwave frequencies are in the Business-Industrial service and I will speculate that the reason is that the county in its day to day operation will be sharing the microwave backbone and if the backbone was licensed in the public safety pool, the county could not use it for day to day operation. I believe that the county may be using for it’s telephone system and computer LAN network.

Franklin S Werren N2JYG


City of Jamestown Licenses KNCX754

                                                                        37.26 /fb/mo Note: 6 mobiles
                                                                                39.50 /fb/mo

KEC503 Jamestown City Fire


KEB398 City Police

                                                                               39.46  (Inter Agency)

=================Jamestown City Electric - Business Radio==========================

KD6714 153.410 /mo KEG808 153.410 /fb KEG809 151.985 /fb/mo

                                                                              153.410 /fb
                                                                              154.4825 /mo

KEG810 153.41 /fbt =========================================================================

KD30955 Jamestown City Fire Dept (New?)

                                                                             453.200 (not licensed ?)
                                                                             458.200 /m
                                                                             159.270 /fb 2
                                                                             153.815 /m
                                                                             154.145 /m

WNUS371 WCA Hospital - Concord Dr, Fredonia NY Med Repeater pairs WNXQ602 WCA Hospital – Orchard Rd – Foot Ave – Palm Rd – Palmer Rd, Fredonia

                                                                             155.205 Pagers/mo
                                                                             453.4875 /fxo
                                                                             458.4875 /fxo
                                                                             462.950 /fb2 (Med Repeater channel 9)
                                                                             467.950 /mo (mobile med channel 9)


KED818 46.10 /fb/mo

                                                                              46.14        /fb/mo
                                                                              46.18        /fb /mo
                                                                             465.5375   /mo/mo3  Walkie Talkies
                                                                             460.5375 (Not Licensed)

Chautauqua County-Mayville

KEB909 – Locations – Mayville - Arkwright – Oak Hill – Harrington Hill – Orchard Rd

                  Chautauqua County Fire
                                                                                45.88 /fb
                                                                                46.10 /fb
                                                                                46.14 /fb
                                                                                46.22 /fb


                                                                               37.26 /fb/mo
                                                                               39.50 /fb/mo

KEB392 – Locations – Arkwright – Ellery – Harrington Hill - Oak Hill – Mayville WFK679 – Location – Jamestown City Hall

                  Chautauqua County Sheriff Dept

                                                                             154.785 /fb/mo
                                                                             154.815 /fb/mo
                                                                             155.655 /fb/mo
                                                                             156.210 /fb/mo
                                                                             155.370 /fb/mo
                                                                               39.460 /fb  (Interagency)

WNEF290 Microwave Frewsburg WGW48


WPRR466 Microwave – Jamestown – Orchard Rd – Ellery - Sherman WPRR469 WPRR471


WPRR466 Microwave Link, Mayville-Ellery

                                                                                6123.1 /fb
                                                                                6004.5 /fb

WPVX592 4 Locations – Oak Hill – Jamestown – Arkwright – Mobile

                                                                             158.835 /FB /fb2 /mo
                                                                             156.24 /mo /fx1

WPDU508 853.0375 /fb2/mo

                                                                              808.0375 /mo

WPDJ639 Dunkirk Airport Maintenance ???

                                                                              153.800 /mo

WPDB334 Med Radios control station – Mayville NY

                                                                               467.950 /fx1
                                                                               467.975 /fx1
                                                                               468.000 /fx1
                                                                               468.025 /fx1
                                                                               468.050 /fx1
                                                                               468.075 /fx1
                                                                               468.100 /fx1
                                                                               468.125 /fx1
                                                                               468.150 /fx1
                                                                               468.175 /fx1

Med Repeaters TX ouput (Use these Freqs to monitor Med Control)

                                                                               462.950 / Med 9
                                                                               462.975 / Med 10
                                                                               463.000 / Med 1
                                                                               463.025 / Med 2
                                                                               463.050 / Med 3
                                                                               463.075 / Med 4
                                                                               463.100 / Med 5
                                                                               463.125 / Med 6
                                                                               463.150 / Med 7
                                                                               463.175 / Med 8

KX9504 (Mobile for Med Radios) WBT698 (WCA Hospital Med Control)

WPCG543 (Hanover) County Sheriff

                                                                               154.785 /fb
                                                                               154.815 /fb
                                                                               155.370 /fb
                                                                               155.655 /fb
                                                                               156.210 /fb

KUY487 (Mayville) KA41772 Mobile WZM737 (Dunkirk) WZM736 (Jamestown) 45.56 /fb

WQVE292 Chautauqua County Pool Trunked

                      Locations – Arkwright -Harrington Hill -Armenian (Sherman) -Ellery
                                          Hardscrapple Rd (Westfield)

                                                                               155.985 /fb8
                                                                               156.210 /fb8
                                                                               159.1725 /fb8
                                                                               154.785 /fb8
                                                                               155.985 /fb8
                                                                               151.2875 /mo8 /fx1
                                                                               151.1525 /mo8 /fx1
                                                                               153.9200 /mo8 /fx1

WQUZ756 Locations – Cherry Creek – Dunkirk – Jamestown Pool Trunked

                                                                                159.105 /fb8

WQUR328 Public Safety Pool Trunk 151.310 /mo8 /fx1

                                                                                151.385 /mo8 /fx1

WQUU282 Public Safety Pool

                                       Locations – Ellery – Arkwright – Harrington Hill
                                       Armenian Rd (Sherman) - Hardscrapple Rd (Westfield)

                                                                                159.105 /fb8

WQUE640 Public Safety Pool Trunked WQUZ436 Public Safety Pool Trunked

                                 Locations – Cherry Creek – Dunkirk – Jamestown
                                            Chautauqua County Sheriff
                                                                                 154.785 /fb8
                                                                                 155.985 /fb8
                                                                                 156.210 /fb8
                                                                                 159.1725 /fb8

WQSX231 Mobile – county wide conventional Public Safety Pool, No Base Stations licensed as far as

           I can see for now, but should be posted at the FCC at a later time.   

                                                                                 453.0625 /mo3/fb
                                                                                 458.0625 /mo3

                                                                                 453.9875 /mo3/fb
                                                                                 458.9875 /mo3

                                                                                 453.9125 /mo3/fb
                                                                                 458.9125 /mo3

                                                                                 460.5125 /mo3/fb 
                                                                                 465.5125 /mo3

                                                                                 460.4875 /mo3/fb
                                                                                 465.4875 /mo3

                                                                                 453.0875 /mo3/fb
                                                                                 458.0875 /mo3

WQAY913 Public Safety Pool – Conventional – Mayville 5 watts

                                                                                 453.3625 /mo/fb ?
                                                                                 458.3625 /mo
                                                                                2474.0000 /mo

WNVN730 Public Safety Pool – Conventional – Falconer

                                                                                 453.750 /fb not used or licensed
                                                                                 458.750 /mo

                                                                                 453.950 /fb not used or licensed
                                                                                 458.950 /mo

WQHE612 Public Safety Pool – Conventional – Towerville

                                                                                 453.3125 /fb
                                                                                 453.6250 /fb
                                                                                 458.3125 /mo not used or licensed
                                                                                 458.6250 /mo not used or licensed

WQUB733 Mobile – County Wide Public Safety Pool Conventional

                                                                                 153.800 /mo
                                                                                 153.920 /mo
                                                                                 154.010 /mo

WQNH854 Mobile County Fire Police (Business Band) 50 watts Max

                                                                                 151.745 /mo
                                                                                 151.775 /mo    PL 146.2

WQDI998 Public Safety Pool – Conventional Assoc: KEB392

                                                                                 159.000 /mo

WFK682 Locations – Dunkirk Police Public Safety Pool - Conventional WFK679 Jamestown Police Public Safety Pool - Conventional

                                                                                 154.785 /fb
                                                                                 154.815 /fb
                                                                                 155.370 /fb
                                                                                 155.655 /fb
                                                                                 156.210 /fb

KD27243 Location County Wide – Control at Work St Falconer (County Hi-way)

                                                                                  453.6375 /mo Walkie Talkies ??
                                                                                  458.6375 /Not Licensed

KEH770 Locations Chautauqua County Hi-way – Sherman – Dunkirk – Oak Hill

                                                                                   45.24 /fb /mo 

KVX671 Town Highways Repeaters (Busti Town Hi-Way) Kelly Hill, Oak Hill

                                                                                   151.130 /fb2/mo Kelly Hill, Oak Hill
                                                                                   156.165 /mo
                                                                                   156.180 /mo
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