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Welcome to the Home of "The Computer Log"

Hello to All who know me on the web. My name is Franklin S Werren and my friends call me "Frank". My column is on computers and technology. The latest "Computer Log" is Computer Log 31 for January 12, 2016.

I have set up a new site and I call it "The Chautauqua Lake Canteen". It is a micro-blog like Twitter and can be found at . It is a free service and open to all.

I have set up an account at "The Chautauqua Lake Canteen" and you can follow it at

I also have a twitter account set up for "The Computer Log" and can be found at

Any additions or corrections to "The Computer Log" will be shown at the bottom of each Log.

If you are interested in Hosting or other services, I can be reached at

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Page last modified on January 12, 2016, at 01:48 PM EST